Planning a hen party? Here is a guide to use

It is normal to be nervous when planning a hen party besides your wedding event. You will need all the help you can get but proper budgeting is really what you should be focusing on. The hen party should be set on a night that the bride and her friends can enjoy their last party together. In order to get this right, you need to consider the following tips compiled below for a successful hen party and hen party games.
Decide on places to visit
Besides going to the club to have fun, there are interesting places you can choose to visit through the night as you enjoy having drinks. You can hire a limousine or a big car to accommodate you and your friends to have fun as you enjoy the different spots to visit with your friends. Have a camera man or one of the gang members take pictures of you with the squad at different destinations that you will visit.
Choose the right games
Hen party nights will not be over unless you choose some fun and naughty activities to participate in. You can have your planning team help you choose which hen party games you need to be playing during the party. The games are best played when you are slightly intoxicated and can help you pass time through the night as you make new memories to cherish.
Choose an invite list
No one wants to have a hen party that is overcrowded with uninvited people. You might know a lot of people but not all of them will be your friends. The list of the invites should be people that vibe with the bride and can besides fit into the budget that you had planned. Consider making the list all about people you want to share the memories with for the night.